Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Carving out time for me...

Ha. All the pregnancy and new mama books and magazines tell me how I have to make sure that I "carve out time for myself". I didn't brush my teeth today until 5pm and I've developed the disturbing ability to go 12 hours at a time without peeing. I bought razors at Target today and then kicked myself once I realized that I haven't had a long enough shower to shave both legs since he was born. "Me time" today? Hiding in laundry room with the cat for 5 minutes pretending to fold clothes, while he wailed away in the next room. More "me time"? Does taking the trash out alone count? Someone convince me this is normal. On a brighter note, I'm hoping to wash my hair tomorrow! Hair-washing vibes please!

Smug Mother (or something like that) magazine sent me a bill recently for a subscription I didn't request. Besides hating the disgustingly expensive maternity clothes layouts, vapid parenting advice (hire a housekeeper to help you around the house if you can't do it yourself), ridiculous "must-have" items like the $700 gold bling-bling stroller, I simply can't afford to buy this magazine subscription. So I wrote back to tell them that I didn't want their crappy magazine, that I didn't have $12 for the subscription fee and that if I did have $12, I'd spend it on a dry martini and a handful of prozac tablets. Haven't heard back.

Okay, I'll end it with 3 positive things:

1. Took Bee with me to the storage unit this morning and she sniffed out her "baby". "Baby" has been in the storage unit since November when we moved in with my parents. Bee was delighted and squeaked all the way home. Good girl.
2. Took cranky boy for a walk to calm him. Was hoping it would induce naptime, but it started raining on the way back and he was amazed. Big enough to see over the edge of the stroller now, he was wide awake and astonished at the rain drops. So funny to see him discovering things I take for granted. This is joy, even if he didn't take a nap.
3. Later, rain falling hard and two youngish kids playing in big puddles and streams in the street. Both yelping with pure happiness, not caring about being cool, covered with dirty rainwater. I wanted to join them.